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Data collection

Successful data sourcing.

Rapid expansion sparked from the source — our team will build sustainable information infrastructures to better capture and utilise first-party data.

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The front lines of the back-end.

We’ll help your team build and enhance your data warehouse; capturing, storing, cleaning and transforming your data in ways that empower automation and supercharge your business understanding.

  • More effective marketing platform data imports.
  • Reliable and clear multi-channel tracking…
  • Seamless, merged technology with safely stored critical business data.
  • Better integrated first-party CRM data into platforms geared for performance.

Custom performance catalysts.

Our end-to-end data capture begins with setting up the systems that secure future efficiencies. This means using data collection tactics that guarantee the right data points are tagged, tracked, measured so they can be utilised strategically across your performance marketing activity down the line. We create custom data warehousing solutions that work harder to collect and store your information, allowing our team to action competitive insights and campaign cues.

  • Streamlined access to important data in real-time.
  • More empowered data through quality management and categorisation of your warehouse. 
  • Custom set-ups that better fulfil unique businesses needs.

More valid values.

Before our team can use data effectively, we first need to ensure it’s being tracked accurately across all touchpoints. Our team will audit your current approach, close the gaps and future-proof your tracking systems for long-term success.

  • Regularly audited and reviewed tracking across web and app properties.
  • Proactive data protection through reliable alert procedures.
  • A fuller picture of your data via custom modelling to intuitively infer data origin where it does not exist. 

Less theory – more fact.

Success stories that stretch. In constant pursuit of a limitless potential, our client case studies are an exercise in unnatural selection.

Building a Paid Search Demand and Supply Model

Leveraging automation, data analysis, and innovative strategies to balance supply and demand.

Reducing Cross Matching to Increase CVR by 19%

A Lyst & WeDiscover case study assessing semantic similarity and employing targeted strategies to reduce cross matching.

Keyword Consolidation

What happens when you go from 3,000 keywords to 80?

“WeDiscover is one of our most trusted and important partners. They're not just an external agency, but a valued part of our business, taking active part in decision making and all stages of marketing development. They are pro-active, highly skilled, and professional in their work”.

Nadia Sotiropoulou, Head of Marketing Analytics, carwow