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An evolved efficiency.

We use advanced technology to supercharge your systems, helping your digital campaigns adapt to trends, insights and consumer behaviour with ease.

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The new instinct.

Our team help you automate data ingestion, cleaning and usage — a proactive approach that ensures information is collected as efficiently as possible and that your business stays ahead of a changing landscape.

  • Complex calculations achieved automatically — getting essential data in the hands of stakeholders sooner.
  • Greater utilised information through automatic data movement.
  • Real time alerting to ensure immediate responsivity to critical changes..

Rapidly expanded responses.

We automate your most important actions, ensuring real-time optimisation for the best possible performance marketing results. Higher impact, lower time waste — it’s what sets us apart.

  • Improved campaign performance and return on investment through tactical testing.
  • Macro and micro customer behaviour understanding and preferences.
  • More aligned marketing and business objective action.
  • Efficient use of resources and budget through reduced wastage.

A new age of understanding.

Our marketing intelligence dashboards are designed to deliver the most impactful insights at a glance.

  • Robust measurement frameworks that incrementality test campaigns.
  • More relevant and timely testing schedules.
  • Combined use of incremental testing data within attribution and measurement logic.
  • Clearer insights on budget and bidding targets based on business objectives.

Less theory – more fact.

Success stories that stretch. In constant pursuit of a limitless potential, our client case studies are an exercise in unnatural selection.

Building a Paid Search Demand and Supply Model

Leveraging automation, data analysis, and innovative strategies to balance supply and demand.

Reducing Cross Matching to Increase CVR by 19%

A Lyst & WeDiscover case study assessing semantic similarity and employing targeted strategies to reduce cross matching.

Keyword Consolidation

What happens when you go from 3,000 keywords to 80?

“Since the end of the pandemic, WeDiscover has been an invaluable partner in scaling up our performance marketing efforts while maintaining a strong ROAS. Their team’s meticulous attention to detail and genuine desire to understand our industry is exemplary. I consider the account team to be a highly reliable extension of my in-house team.”

Christian Wolters, CMO, TourRadar