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Paid social

New-generation paid social strategy.

Your own universe-expanding funnels — we use automation, creativity and advanced measurement to supercharge your paid social impact.

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Data makes the difference

We push social media campaigns towards success through custom data analysis and application — ensuring the bidding signals we send to platforms align with tailored business interests. We use effective first-party data to enrich audience segments; seeing your approach rapidly expand towards truer, more effective targets.

  • More accurate, reliable and relevant data collection and passback.
  • Industry-leading data measurement via custom attribution models, incrementality testing, brand tracking and data collection audits.

Streamlining every stage.

Awareness, consideration and remarketing all play their part in ensuring effective growth from paid social. Our custom tactics and measurement frameworks ensure each stage is optimised to its fullest extent — guaranteeing the most competitive outcome.

  • Robust measurement of your customer lifecycles.
  • Creative strategies built around your insights.
  • Precise audience targeting through first-party data ecosystems.

Uniting digital and design.

Creative quality effects performance across all social platforms — our experts work with you to create high-impact creative that drives performance and gears content for conversion.

  • Clear feedback loops for insights and performance optimisation through robust testing frameworks. 
  • Custom and tailored creative sets deployed at scale through advanced automation.
  • More efficient social-first creatives developed through new or repurposed design.

Less theory – more fact.

Success stories that stretch. In constant pursuit of a limitless potential, our client case studies are an exercise in unnatural selection.

Building a Paid Search Demand and Supply Model

Leveraging automation, data analysis, and innovative strategies to balance supply and demand.

Reducing Cross Matching to Increase CVR by 19%

A Lyst & WeDiscover case study assessing semantic similarity and employing targeted strategies to reduce cross matching.

Keyword Consolidation

What happens when you go from 3,000 keywords to 80?

“The paid social team at WeDiscover are a joy to work with. They are knowledgeable, proactive, and consistently share insightful analytics and strategic recommendations that help us optimise our campaigns and maximise ROAS.”

Kate Davies-Hinde, Head of Digital Marketing, Bensons for Beds