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Paid search

Discover a limitless potential.

Proven paid search strategies that spark rapid growth in the trajectory of your business. Not a theory — a methodology. We use a combination of our proprietary technology, optimisation processes, expert practitioners and robust testing frameworks to continuously improve digital marketing performance beyond your expectations.

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Future-proofed function.

The industry is constantly changing, and those who fail to adapt fall behind. We’ve designed our performance marketing process & technology to constantly mould to this evolving search landscape and develop in line with your goals.

  • Account structures tailored to your objectives, maximising your relevancy.
  • Improved conversion rates achieved through empowered first-party data and a custom audience approach.
  • Scalable systems that grow with you, ensuring a strategy that progresses with targets.

An advanced approach to first-party data.

When it comes to paid search there’s strength in numbers — your existing numbers, that is. At WeDiscover we empower your first-party data; building ecosystems that feed our bidding strategies the most relevant conversion data signals to achieve rapid results quicker.

  • More sustainable systems that flex to an ever-changing performance marketing environment. 
  • More effective first-party data usage, generating stronger results.
  • Tailor made data warehousing solutions, designed for and owned by you, forever. 
  • Custom solutions designed by specialist data scientists and engineers.


Making the complex simple.

Our approach is anything but standardised, with our data scientists and engineers developing proprietary marketing intelligence systems to generate higher quality insights and solve complex problems faster.

  • Unique report generation and real-time impact diagnosis. 
  • More optimised decision-making through CLV and cohort analysis.
  • Effective campaign trajectory projection through rigorous testing.

A more progressive process.

We blend technology with digital marketing performance, placing us at the forefront of the paid search industry. The market-leading expertise of our team pushes our potential above the rest, ensuring the most technologically-advanced results for our clients.


Less theory – more fact.

Success stories that stretch. In constant pursuit of a limitless potential, our client case studies are an exercise in unnatural selection.

Outlier Value Capping – Adjusting Google Ads Conversion Value

Building a Paid Search Demand and Supply Model

Leveraging automation, data analysis, and innovative strategies to balance supply and demand.

Reducing Cross Matching to Increase CVR by 19%

A Lyst & WeDiscover case study assessing semantic similarity and employing targeted strategies to reduce cross matching.

“In just over a year of working together we’ve seen a monumental shift in our PPC results, and now month-on-month are consistently outperforming our targets. With WeDiscover we know the fundamentals are always sound, which allows us to collaboratively focus on the bigger ticket items that can really affect change and move the dial.”

Kevin Andrews, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, LiveScore Group