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MaxInsights: Search Term Insights from your PMax Campaigns

MaxInsights: Search Term Insights from your PMax Campaigns

João Vieira

July 2, 2024

Reading time: 5 minutes

What is the MaxInsights tool?

MaxInsights is an automated data extraction tool that can be used to extract Performance Max search term level metrics and data.Search Term analysis is critical for enhancing campaigns’ effectiveness and efficiency. It enables you to unlock key insights around user behaviour and intent that can be used to improve performance, for example through using it to draft compelling and relevant ad copy, or streamlining cost by excluding low-performing terms.


MaxInsights delivers search term level metrics, ready to be consumed by any typical analytics pipeline and ultimately, integrated into your reporting suite.

How does MaxInsights work?

This service works by utilising the Google Ads API, using GAQL queries to pull search term metrics and then upload those datasets to a cloud bucket.


In the Google Ads interface, search terms are grouped into search term insights within a PMax campaign. MaxInsights gathers all search term insights for any selected campaigns and extracts data for all search terms within those search term insights, yielding much more easily digestible data than reporting directly from the interface.


Using MaxInsights you gain access to each of the following metrics, at a search term level:


      • Clicks
      • Impressions
      • Conversions
      • Conversion from interaction rate (CVR)
      • Conversion value
      • Click through rate (CTR)


Currently data extractions are limited to campaigns that have gathered at least 1 click but have less than 3,000 daily average search term insights (this covers most use cases).

How can WeDiscover help?

Basic tier

WeDiscover offers a basic tier, included with a client’s retainer, providing monthly metrics for 150 insights, limited to 5 campaigns. This covers 90% of typical customers, and this data is used across our internal reports.


The use of WeDiscover’s Google Ads API access and cloud infrastructure is included in this option, so the only things needed to be supplied are the campaign and respective Account ID’s for which data should be extracted. Please reach out to your WeDiscover account manager to discuss further details on how to do this.


The output of this package is a Google Sheets report updated monthly with Search Term level metrics for the previous month, used by the team to optimise PMax campaigns.


There will be additional reports released in the future that are currently planned in our roadmap.


Pro Tier

For the extraction of data for larger campaigns, with a frequency of your choice going up to one daily run per campaign, there is a further option. By selecting this option, you can have the datasets delivered to a cloud bucket of your choice.


This option requires you to provide Google Ads API developer credentials to WeDiscover and access to the cloud bucket.


Implementing MaxInsights

Implementing MaxInsights is a relatively simple process, with two processes depending on the package of choice.


Basic Tier

Implementing this option is highly straightforward. Minimum Requirements:

    • Google Ads account managed by WeDiscover’s MCC
    • Access to Google Sheets

Step 1 – Provide Campaign and Account ID’s

Discuss with your account manager which campaigns should be included.

Step 2 – Pre Set-Up Analysis

The team will analyse the selected campaigns to estimate their average size, in terms of search term insights. The top 150 are included here.

Step 3 – Google Sheets Report

We will work alongside you to surface this data in the desired format, usually a GSheet for ease of extracting and analysing the insights.

Premium Tier


Minimum Requirements:

  • Provide access to Google Ads MCC if accounts are not managed by WeDiscover
  • Google Ads API Credentials – standard API access is required. We can help request this level of access to the Google Ads API team on your behalf if necessary
  • Provide access to cloud bucket, or location where the data should live, for your systems to pick up and process

Step 1 – Provide Campaign and Account ID’s

Discuss with your account manager which campaigns should be included.

Step 2 – Pre Set-Up Analysis

The team will analyse the selected campaigns to estimate their average size, in terms of search term insights. This step ensures that we are able to tailor the service to your specific needs.

Step 3 – Provide necessary credentials, accesses and information

Provide the WeDiscover service account with access to the cloud bucket where you wish to receive your data, and provide the necessary Google Ads API credentials. These are:

  • Google Ads Client ID
  • Google Ads Client Secret
  • Google Ads Developer Token
  • Google Ads Refresh Token

Step 4 – choose frequency

By default the service will run weekly, but we can accommodate any frequency up to once daily per campaign.


Following this, you should start receiving data in your selected cloud bucket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I select any campaign?

Using MaxInsights we are be able to pull search term level metrics for any PMax campaign of your choice. The only ceiling at the moment is the volume of the campaign in terms of Search Term IDs, due to limitations of the Google Ads API.


Which cloud storages are supported?

At the moment, this service only supports sending data to AWS and Google Cloud Storage buckets.


Can I select any metrics for my Campaign’s Search Terms?

There is no option to select metrics other than the ones provided by default.


What type of format should I expect the output to be in?

Currently, the service only supports outputs in the json format – If you require a different format we can accommodate that request.


I want to set up MaxInsights on my account. How do I get started?

If you’re an existing client, reach out to your account manager to kick things off. If you’re not, then drop us a message via our contact form and we’ll be in touch!