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Chronicles of the WeDiscover Early Careers Scheme

Chronicles of the WeDiscover Early Careers Scheme

Three Months in the Shoes of WeDiscover's Second Cohort of the Early Careers Scheme

The ECS team

March 20, 2024

Reading time: 5 minutes


Embarking on a new journey often feels like stepping into the unknown, filled with anticipation, excitement, and perhaps a hint of nerves. For us at WeDiscover, the first three months have been nothing short of a whirlwind of experiences, learnings, and camaraderie. From the unconventional CV-less interviews that sparked our curiosity to the warm welcome at the annual summer social, each step has woven us further into the tapestry of WeDiscover’s culture.


Join us as we journey through the milestones of our early careers at WeDiscover – from the highs of mastering new skills to the humbling challenges of SA360 intricacies. As we reflect on our achievements, confront obstacles, and set our sights on the horizon, let’s delve into the essence of what makes WeDiscover not just a workplace but a community where growth, support, and collaboration thrive.


So, buckle up as we rewind the clock and relive the moments that have shaped our first three months at WeDiscover.

Month 1 - Finding Our Footing

The first interviews truly set the tone for how WeDiscover operates and showcase their genuine interest in getting to know you as an individual. A CV-less interview process (unheard of, I know) allowed the team to focus on getting to know us as individuals, without the restricting nature of a CV. After the first interview, we were eager applicants, thrilled at the prospect of joining the team.


Upon signing the contract, we already felt like integral parts of WeDiscover as we were invited to meet everyone at their annual summer social! Not only did we get to meet the team, we also got to meet our fellow newbies and instantly clicked. It was such a wholesome experience, showing off our shuffle skills (or lack thereof) and chatting to our new colleagues on one of the sunniest days London had last year. This laid-back introduction made the lead-up to our first day a breath of fresh air. We already felt comfortable with our new colleagues and were eagerly anticipating the start of our digital marketing careers.


Our first day was brimming with opportunities to get to know each other, find our bearings, and, of course, good food. The WeDiscover team spoiled us with breakfast and then lunch at Honest Burgers (little did we know, it would become a WeDiscover new joiner ritual). This gave us a chance to informally transition into the workplace and got us set up for the coming weeks.



As newbies, who had never entered into the paid marketing world before, we had (and still have) a lot to learn. The first few weeks of training introduced us to the industry, starting with the basics and cementing our knowledge of PPC. Over this time we had over 30 training sessions – huge shout-out to the amazing members of the WD team who committed countless hours of their time to provide us with in-depth training sessions, full of valuable feedback and opportunities for discussion.



One of the most admirable things about WeDiscover is how collaborative everyone is and how willing they are to lend a hand so that everyone can be better and strive for bigger things. This sense of community extends into the company ethos, with fantastic socials and weekly gatherings such as Coffee Catch Ups, Weekly Wipes, and Watercooler Discussions, to name a few. Whether it’s getting to know someone over a cup of coffee, competing in a game of CodeNames, or debating the best vegetable, WeDiscover truly fosters an environment of positivity, humour, and collaboration.


Our first month was a whirlwind of training sessions, socials, and getting to know the team, making the transition into our new futures a positive and hopeful one.


Month 2 - Getting Stuck In

After chewing everyone’s ears off with questions throughout the Early Careers Scheme, it was time to do some real work. We were all onboarded to our first clients, eased in, and introduced on client calls.


We were able to take on responsibilities without any pressure, starting out with low-priority tasks before building our skills. This enabled us to handle more significant duties over time. Before long, we were taking sections of client calls, delivering daily updates, and even attending in-person client meetings! We also had Roundtable sessions with Ash to reaffirm our knowledge gained in the Early Careers sessions (i.e., the ins and outs of Nike Trainers – a running joke).


Sessions such as Tech Breks and Lunch & Learns allowed us to pick up more about different accounts and the nitty gritty of PPC. Google Certs tested our understanding of what we had picked up from the Early Careers sessions, ensuring we could apply this knowledge in our own work while also becoming Google Certified. Working in a team was also hugely beneficial for everyone from the ECS. The ability to receive feedback from senior colleagues is critical to becoming a cog in the WeDiscover machine, with the time and dedication provided exceeding all of our expectations.


On top of this, the social side of work was bubbling. From our first social at Mercato Metropolitano to attending our first PPC Live, and even gatecrashing a random agency’s event at The Comedy Store – it has been a laugh. The icing on the cake was the Winter Ball – allowing us to all bring +1’s to a swanky dinner and evening at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich.


Month 3 - Challenges, Achievements and Looking Ahead

Overcoming Challenges


As we wrap up our third month, it’s important that we reflect — and let’s be candid about it.
Undoubtedly, we encountered some notable challenges that truly put our knowledge and skills to the test. Whether it was manoeuvring through SA360 intricacies, deciphering state-specific regulations, or creatively shaping German ad copy within character limits (WIP), we embraced the learning curve wholeheartedly. Handling these challenges demanded not only technical expertise but also significant doses of patience, motivation, and unwavering support from colleagues – qualities that flourish abundantly here at WeDiscover.


It’s these very challenges that provide us with invaluable growth opportunities, both within the world of paid search and beyond.


Notable Achievements

The third month brought with it a sense of accomplishment as we achieved significant milestones in our WeDiscover Early Careers journey. With big wins and little wins, you could say we got the hang of things (kinda).

The Big Wins

  • Over 50 Slack shoutouts from colleagues at WeDiscover.
  • Both Jojo (1st) and Jack (2nd) won “Most Appreciated Team Members” for Q4.
  • Jamie won “Office Comedian” at the Winter Ball.
  • Attended the Paid Search Awards 2023 – we won two awards!
  • Successfully onboarded onto eight clients overall.
  • Identified the best places for lunch by the office.
  • Dominated the dance floor at the Winter Ball.

The Work Wins

  • Very positive feedback from clients and colleagues.
  • Created solid slide decks.
  • Presented work to clients on a call.
  • Made recommendations to improve our accounts.
  • Developed strong analytical & reporting skills.
  • Completed several Google Certifications.
  • Learnt how to use various tools such as SA360 and Google Ads.

Our Futures at WeDiscover

As the initial excitement of joining a paid search agency settles, our third month has prompted us to reflect on our career goals within WeDiscover.


We developed individual Personal Development Plans (PDP) with our line managers to check in and set goals for 2024. In preparation for this, five of us newbies popped our shoes off and sat on the couch to recall how far we’ve come and where we plan to go. Both our challenges and achievements have shaped our aspirations and provided us with a clear vision going forward. Whether that’s specialising in a particular aspect of paid search, taking on leadership roles, or riding the wave of digital marketing trends, WeDiscover have fostered an environment whereby we’re implored to indulge our curiosity and create our own paths.

Closing Thoughts

In just three months we have not only found our footing in the dynamic world of Paid Search, but we have also embraced challenges, celebrated achievements, and set our sights towards a bright future in PPC. With clear goals set for 2024 and a clear vision of our individual paths, we are enthusiastic about the opportunities which lie ahead. We have lots to learn and a plethora of skills to develop, but with WeDiscover’s commitment to fostering curiosity, providing a platform for growth, and creating a thriving company culture, we are eager to see how we progress in the next three months.


A special thanks to those involved in the Early Careers Scheme, and our amazing colleagues and mentors at WeDiscover. Your unwavering patience and support have allowed us to grow as both individuals and professionals.


To any prospective joiners reading this, We encourage you to embrace the challenge, be yourself, and Discover the exciting world of Paid Search.