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Passionate, curious, always looking for answers. We are a group of performance marketers, data scientists and engineers who are on a mission to create the most innovative campaigns in the world.

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Founding team

Byron Tassoni-Resch - LinkedIn Icon - WeDiscover - Paid Search Marketing Agency London

Byron Tassoni-Resch

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Byron has 12 years of Digital & Paid Search experience - most recently as Head of SEM at Deliveroo, where he developed automated tools and processes to create and manage over 1 million active campaigns and over 50 million unique ads.

Adam Ruaux - LinkedIn Icon - WeDiscover - Paid Search Marketing Agency London

Adam Ruaux

Co-Founder & Technical Director

Having held roles in Engineering, Data Science and Performance Marketing at two of Europe’s highest growth startups - carwow and Deliveroo - Adam has a wealth of experience in creating highly automated and data-driven campaigns.

Our story

After spending my entire career working in-house, I have founded an agency. Not only have I never worked for an agency, I have been tasked with building in-house Paid Search teams in the majority of my roles.‍
‍To an outsider, it may seem as if I’ve built a career on working against the agency model. It might even suggest that I don’t believe in it. This, of course, isn’t the case. I believe that agencies are perfectly positioned to drive innovation for their clients and deliver meaningful value to businesses.
‍Agencies are in the service business. Companies hire agencies to leverage their knowledge in order to get better results, faster. Like any service industry, the quality of that knowledge is often directly correlated with experience.
‍That experience comes from people. People make the difference between a world-class agency and one that’s struggling to keep up.‍
‍So. Why start an agency?

I want to solve interesting, challenging problems. I had a choice: either become a consultant or create an agency. While I led the Paid Search channel at Deliveroo I faced some of the most interesting challenges that exist within Paid Search. The nature of the business meant that we had to build some unique technology in order to grow.
‍I’m now ready to solve these types of challenges for other businesses.
‍I’m setting out to create big solutions for industry-sized problems, and I simply couldn’t do that alone. To achieve what I know can be done, we’ll need a full-stack marketing technology team, a data science team, an optimization team, and a squad of Paid Search managers.
‍With this expertise, we have the ability to design and create cross-functional solutions that just wouldn’t be possible were I an individual consultant. As a team, we can hire and develop incredible talent and build partners who push each other to find answers and deliver results.‍
‍Building cross-functional teams allows us to work with companies that need a lot of resources. We will have the capacity to support the world's biggest brands, solving complex problems on a global scale. Our mission is to build the world's most innovative Paid Search campaigns. I’m on the lookout for people who are also driven by innovation and are on the same mission.
‍Join us if you’re a marketing technologist or a Paid Search expert who wants to work with incredible colleagues solving exciting problems. We’re hiring. Hire us if you want to get more out of your Paid Search campaigns, scale your business profitably, and get access to Paid Search professionals who have grown some of the worlds biggest brands.
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‍Byron Tassoni-Resch‍
‍‍Founder, WeDiscover

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